Who else is annoyed by the ads before every YouTube video, especially the ones you cannot skip? CNet News published an article saying that Google announced on BBC Reports will now remove the ads that are unskippable; however, the five-second ads will remain. You are probably wondering, when will this happen? Next year and that means only nine more months to go!

28adbed550aca2a4ba95b564c608a837Photo Credit: Pinterest

Watching my favorite content creators should not be a punishment, where I have to commit to a 30-second ad that is not of interest to me. I suppose YouTube has to generate revenue in some way for giving us access to their videos. I have to admit that I have learned a lot from watching a tutorial.

Great news for dedicated subscribers like myself, who are on a budget and will brace through the ads. But what does this mean for YouTube Red subscribers? People are paying top dollar to watch exclusive content from their favorite creators, and they are getting access to an exclusive feature by watching YouTube ad-free. Because of Google’s new plans for 2018, is this a step backward in terms of profit for YouTube? Will subscribers begin to unsubscribe because it is no longer an exclusive feature? Will YouTube Red phase out?

YouTubeRedPhoto Credit: FileHippo

Although I am not a YouTube Red subscriber, I know I am excited yet, grateful to watch YouTube in a somewhat ad-free way. It will take me a while to get used to not seeing ads, and I will be a lot happier because I will no longer have to sit in front of an ad that I am forced to watch.

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