Who would have thought that a drone can replace taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft? Drones, as far as I know, are the latest gadgets and perfect for capturing photos and videos from a bird’s eye view. TechCrunch posted an article about Dubai’s plans for the summer, and it involves flying drone taxis.

The technology fanatic side of me is screaming with joy, but the citizen side of me is a bit concerned about the safety of the passengers. Also, the flying drone taxis can potentially lead to increased unemployment because people will begin transitioning away from ride-sharing or taxi services. At the same time, I am pleased that Dubai is taking advantage of the technology at their disposal and conceptualizing new and innovative ways to use the drone. I never thought that a drone can carry someone from point A to point B, nor did I ever thought that cars will become a thing of the past. I know that there will be plenty of trial and error prior to the launch. What concerns me is that this concept is still new and at its early stages; however, seven months from now, I am very excited to hear all about Dubai’s flying drone taxis in action.

The autonomous quad-opener electric drone, also known as the EHang 184, can carry a passenger up to 220 lbs. at 31 miles in distance and can travel up to 100 miles per hour.

The EHang 184 was featured at the Consumers Electronics Show CES 2016 in Las Vegas; this drone is the future of technology, and it is the safest, smartest, and eco-friendly autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV).


YouTube launched a concept video detailing the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai’s plans to launch EHang 184 this summer in July of 2017. The concept video also provided a sneak peek of what the EHang 184 has to offer; in the video, I learned that the passenger is the pilot of the AAV, and the drone will know exactly where you are headed to just by tapping the navigation button. The drones will be monitored by the Dubai officials remotely, and drones will take off at a centralized command center. With a plan to kick start in the summer, Dubai is not wasting its time and has already begun its tests over the air.

I am thrilled to see where the flying taxi drone service will take us, whether it can potentially replace airplanes, how it will improve the commute and lives of many, and Dubai just proved to the world that nothing is impossible and the sky is not the limit. I wish them the best with their launch this summer; hopefully, we can experience this in the United States too. How cool would it be to ride in a drone on your way to work? The views will be breathtaking.

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