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I am a seasoned senior sales professional with five years of portfolio management, customer advocacy, and client onboarding experience in the technology sector. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for collecting, analyzing, and operationalizing feedback, as well as for building positive and long-lasting customer relationships, I have a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout my career. As such, I have consistently exceeded budgetary and performance goals, and I am adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure. Professional focal points include CRM, customer advocacy, client onboarding, and employee training. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective communication and negotiation skills, as well as the business acumen, systems analysis aptitude, and project/resource management abilities to support efficiency and maximize returns.

In my current position, I am an Inside Sales Representative with Booksy. Under my leadership, I manage large volumes of leads and drive SaaS revenue by instrumentalizing high-tech solutions alongside superlative core interpersonal and CRM skills. I also lead an initiative to drive continuous improvement and product development through customer advocacy, translating client feedback into future success. In addition, I take extensive responsibility for training and motivating employees, ensuring the company’s skills development support structure is driving the business forward with maximum efficiency.

Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth technical, communications, and managerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and under budget.

I am pursuing new opportunities and can be reached on here via the contact form below.

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